Fareed Zakaria: Trump decided to fold on this CNN
4 hours back
CNN's Fareed Zakaria gives his take on why President Trump's "phase one" trade deal was a win for Beijing and why a Democratic president probably wouldn't ...
Don Jr. weighs in on Trump’s legal team ahead of Senate impeachment trial Fox News
3 hours back
Donald Trump, Jr says if we're hearing from witnesses I would like to hear from the other side. #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), ...
President Trump's impeachment trial to intensify next week CBS News
22 hours back
President Donald Trump's legal team and House impeachment managers are preparing for the Senate impeachment trial to intensify in the coming week.
Report: President Trump to shift $7.2 billion to border wall Fox News
17 hours back
National Border Patrol council president Brandon Judd weighs in.
Eric Trump: Media, Democrats still getting it wrong after 2016 election Fox News
18 hours back
Eric Trump, son of President Trump, says the bias and negativity against his dad will help get him reelected in 2020 on 'Watters' World.'
Trump's legal team set for impeachment trial CBS News
2 days back
Republican stragegist Lauren Claffey and Democratic strategist Michael Starr Hopkins joined CBSN to break down how the Senate impeachment trial will impact ...
House Managers: 'President Trump's conduct is the Framers' worst nightmare' Fox News
19 hours back
Democrats deliver opening impeachment trial briefing calling for Trump's ouster.
Preet Bharara explains why he's surprised by Trump's new hires CNN
2 days back
CNN legal analyst Preet Bharara shares his thoughts on those chosen to defend President Donald Trump in the impeachment trial in the senate. #CNN #News.
Trump Reportedly Called Generals 'Dopes And Babies' While Berating Them | The 11th Hour | MSNBC MSNBC
2 days back
A new book from The Washington Post's Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker details how in one closed-door meeting Trump insulted and berated his top military ...
Senate impeachment trial of Trump officially begins ABC News
3 days back
The history-making moment included the swearing in of Chief Justice John Roberts. WATCH THE FULL EPISODES OF 'WORLD NEWS TONIGHT': ...
Bob Barr on lessons from Clinton impeachment, next steps in Trump’s trial Fox News
1 days back
Former impeachment manager during Clinton's impeachment, Bob Barr, weighs in on the next steps in the Trump impeachment process.
Trump responds to Lev Parnas' accusations CNN
3 days back
President Trump speaks after indicted Giuliani associate Lev Parnas implicated Trump in an interview with CNN. Read more here: ...
Joe: Trump Is Talking To Himself When He Says Impeachment A Hoax | Morning Joe | MSNBC MSNBC
2 days back
On Thursday, the Senate formally received impeachment articles from House managers. The president then referred to impeachment as a hoax. The panel ...
Watch: New Trump Lawyer Dershowitz Reveals Plan For Trump Trial Defense On Live TV | MSNBC MSNBC
2 days back
On the day he was named as a new member of Pres. Trump's impeachment defense team, lawyer Alan Dershowitz joined MSNBC's Ari Melber for a wide ...
Trump Again Denies Knowing Lev Parnas Despite Video And Multiple Photos | The 11th Hour | MSNBC MSNBC
2 days back
Indicted Giuliani associate Lev Parnas is now at the center of the Trump impeachment. So why does the president keep saying he doesn't know the guy even ...
'He Got Caught': Pelosi Played McConnell On Trump Impeachment | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC MSNBC
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Former Senator Barbara Boxer joins “The Beat with Ari Melber” to discuss her former colleague Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's impeachment strategy ...
'Disaster': How Judge In Trump Impeachment Trial May Compel Witnesses And Break Ties | MSNBC MSNBC
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Pres. Trump is headed for a Senate impeachment trial overseen by a judge he once called an “absolute disaster,” Chief Justice John Roberts, who was just ...
Trump slams impeachment process, denies knowing Lev Parnas Fox News
3 days back
Trump answers media questions in the White House as impeachment trial gets underway. #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX ...
What Trump has said about impeachment witnesses Washington Post
3 days back
For weeks, President Trump said he wanted a Senate trial that included administration officials. Now he says he will defer to the Senate and may invoke ...
Trump impeachment: how the day unfolded as House sends articles to Senate Guardian News
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Donald Trump faces a trial after the House of Representatives voted to send articles of impeachment against him to the Senate. Here's how a frantic day on ...
Procès en destitution de Trump : une interview de Lev Parnas conforte le dossier d'accusation FRANCE 24
3 days back
À l'ouverture de son procès en destitution, jeudi, Donald Trump a été accusé de "savoir exactement ce qui se passait" quant aux pressions exercées sur ...
Trump complains about dishwashers in rant about energy-saving appliances Guardian News
4 days back
Donald Trump's speech at a rally in Wisconsin took an unusual turn, when the he railed against environmentally friendly products and appliances. Trump ...
What to expect next week in Trump's Senate impeachment trial CBS News
3 days back
President Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate will formally begin next week. CBS News' Natalie Brand joined CBSN's "Red and Blue" from Capitol Hill with ...
Lev Parnas Implicates Donald Trump, Mike Pence, William Barr, Rick Perry | Morning Joe | MSNBC MSNBC
2 days back
Rudy Giuliani's former associate Lev Parnas is now implicating former Energy Secretary Rick Perry as well in the Ukraine plot. Aired on 1/17/20. » Subscribe to ...
Trump signs partial trade deal with China l ABC News ABC News
4 days back
The vice premiere of China joined President Donald Trump to sign “phase one” of the agreement. READ MORE: President Donald ...
GAO: Trump administration broke the law CNN
3 days back
The Government Accountability Office says the Trump administration broke the law when it withheld US security aid to Ukraine last year that had been ...
Aux États-Unis, le procès en destitution de Donald Trump a débuté FRANCE 24
3 days back
Le Sénat américain a formellement ouvert, jeudi, le procès en destitution de Donald Trump, avec la lecture solennelle de l'acte d'accusation du président ...
'Trump knew exactly what was going on' in Ukraine, Giuliani aide says Channel 4 News
3 days back
With the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court sworn in and the articles of impeachment exhibited in the Senate, the formal process of impeaching Donald Trump ...
Trump holds a campaign rally in Wisconsin – watch live Guardian News
4 days back
US President Donald Trump holds a campaign rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ▻ Support ...
Trey Gowdy reveals Trump's 'single best piece of evidence' Fox News
2 days back
Lev Parnas says ex-Trump attorney visited him in jail, told him to cooperate and sacrifice himself for the President; former House Oversight chairman Trey Gowdy ...
The dramatic final act of Donald Trump's impeachment is here CNN
5 days back
Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated that that the House will vote on a resolution to name the impeachment managers for the Senate trial of President Donald Trump ...
Why President Trump’s D.C. Hotel Is Under Scrutiny Inside Edition
2 days back
As the Senate is sworn in ahead of President Trump's impeachment trial, the former businessman's luxurious Trump International in D.C. is under scrutiny.
Senators take oath at Trump's impeachment trial CNN
3 days back
Chief Justice John Roberts swears in senators at the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. #CNN #News.
Cuomo: Lev Parnas' ties to Trump run deep CNN
2 days back
CNN's Chris Cuomo breaks down President Trump and his defenders' denial of knowing Lev Parnas, the indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani who stands at the ...
'No More Running': Impeached Trump Faces Historic Senate Trial He Tried To Duck | MSNBC MSNBC
4 days back
See news coverage from the historic night that the Congress transmitted articles of impeachment against Pres. Trump to the Senate, on the eve of his Senate trial ...
Trump speaks before signing "Phase One" of China trade deal CBS News
4 days back
President Trump spoke ahead of the signing of "Phase One" of the U.S.-China trade deal. While he was expected to talk about the trade deal, he spent 30 ...
New Book: Bannon Called Pelosi ‘An Assassin’ After She Challenged Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC MSNBC
2 days back
The new book "A Very Stable Genius" details how Steve Bannon called Nancy Pelosi "an assassin" after she checked Trump for lying in their first meeting after ...
WATCH: Historic impeachment trial of Trump begins in the Senate Washington Post
3 days back
At 12 p.m. Eastern, the House impeachment managers will walk across the Capitol to the Senate side for the exhibition of the articles. House Intelligence ...
Parnas Implicates Trump & Co. In Ukraine Crimes, And He Has Receipts The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
3 days back
According to former Giuliani associate Lev Parnas, President Trump "knew exactly what was going on" as Parnas pressured Ukraine officials to take actions that ...
Shocking New Evidence Rocks Trump Impeachment Before Senate Trial | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC MSNBC
4 days back
Rep. Jim Himes, member of the House Intelligence Committee, talks with Rachel Maddow about a new collection of evidence in the Donald Trump impeachment ...
Pelosi signs impeachment articles against President Trump CNN
4 days back
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) signs the articles of impeachment against President Trump before they are sent to the Senate. #CNN #News.
GUESS WHO'S BACK: Trump arrives in Florida ahead of the weekend FOX 10 Phoenix
2 days back
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President Trump speaks at the China phase one trade deal signing – 1/15/2020 CNBC Television
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President Donald Trump delivers remarks at the signing ceremony of U.S.-China phase one trade deal. » Subscribe to CNBC TV: ...
Trump's retweet of photoshopped image leaves panel speechless CNN
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"Inside Politics" host John King reacts to President Donald Trump retweeting a photoshopped image of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority ...
'Betrayal': See House Prosecutor Preview Trump's Impeachment Trial | MSNBC MSNBC
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House impeachment manager Congressman Jerry Nadler joins “The Beat” after Speaker Pelosi tapped him to prosecute the case against Trump. Previewing the ...
Lev Parnas speaks out for first time: Trump lied CNN
4 days back
Lev Parnas, the indicted associate of President Donald Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, said that Trump was "aware of all my movements." #CNN ...
What we learned from the opening day of Trump's impeachment trial PBS NewsHour
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President Trump's impeachment trial, only the third such proceeding in U.S. history, opened in the Senate Thursday. Chief Justice John Roberts and 99 senators ...
Former associate of Rudy Giuliani blasts Trump ABC News
3 days back
Lev Parnas implicated President Trump directly in the alleged Ukraine pressure campaign, saying that the president "was aware of all my movements."