The Blitz: The Dak Prescott-Jon Kitna Connection | Dallas Cowboys 2019


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  • J Becerra
    J Becerra  4 months back

    I'm just glad Rico Gathers is gone. Now were making progress. Go Cowboys!

    • Thomas
      Thomas  6 months back

      Why has it taken Daks 3rd year for the coaching staff to teach him proper throwing technique? Wouldn't a proper coaching staff acknowledge his flaws from day one? It takes Jon kitna to be the QB's coach to finally show Dak with is flaws are? I thought Jason Garrett was a QB for the cowboys back in the day??! And JG wasn't teaching Dak how to plant his feet and teach him a proper throwing motion when they drafted him???? Just a poor example of a head coach who doesn't get the best out of his players. I hate JG, a head coach no matter if he's not the QB's coach should also have an input of their QB's throwing motion and technique.. unbelievable how this organization has so many flaws. I think they'll have a good year, but I'm not going to give credit to JG at all.

      • Dale Ward
        Dale Ward  6 months back

        Stairway to accomplish Super Bowl..step by step..noticed Dak open stance may be signaling which side the play is going..take notice..ok..check this timing..passing route ..pass released on 2 step..not 1,2,3 pass..but 1, pass..can you see that..??

        • bogey2230
          bogey2230  6 months back

          All bitches delusional

          • EL JEFE HO!
            EL JEFE HO!  6 months back

            DURTY DURTY DALLAS!!

            • Texan Football Houston
              Texan Football Houston  6 months back

              Kitna is going to be a head coach in 2 years watch

              • Lucky King
                Lucky King  6 months back

                1st 3 playoff games:

                Tom Brady: 61.86 comp%
                572 yds 1td 1 int record 3-0.

                With these stats his TEAM still got Wins. His 1st playoff game was against a 36yr old Rich Gannon. In his 10 career playoff games he never got a TD. Brady went 32/52 312yds 0 tds 1 rushing td(6 yds).Easy win. In Brady's 2nd playoff game, he didn't even finish. He got taken out with 1:59 left in the 2nd(12/18 115 yds 0tds). Bledsoe came in and scored that same drive. The defense helped them out ALOT with 4 turnovers😱. Stewart went 24-42 for 255 yds, 3 ints(top defense). Easy Work. 3rd playoff game...his defense got another 3 turnovers, the run game mustered 133 yds on the ground. Brady only went 16/27 145 yds, 1 td. The key here is Brady didn't turn the ball over. His stats weren't winning games.

                Russell Wilson:63.24 comp%
                524 yards 3 tds 0 ints record 3-0

                1st playoff game vs. RGIII...Wilson-15/26 187yds 1 td, 67 yds rushing. Seattle had 224 total rushing yds. They had Marshawn Lynch. They had L.O.B. Wilson didn't win in his own
                [Game 2] 445 pass/rush 3tds. Wasn't clutch to get the W. Great performance though. L 28-30 vs. Falcons
                [Game 3] vs. Brees. W 23-15
                9/18 103 yds 0tds😬
                Lynch even went off for 140 on 28 carries & 2 tds. Thomas & Chancellor had 25 combined tackles and 4 pass deflections. Bennett rec a fumble. Defense won that game with Wilson only competing 9 passes🚮. If it was Dak smh...

                Dak Prescott: 64.1 comp%
                794 yards 5tds 2 ints record 1-2
                [Game 1] vs. Green Bay
                Dak-24/38 302 3 tds, 1 int
                Rodg- 28/43 355 2tds, 1int. We all know we gave up a 36 yarder to seal the fate of this 1 but Dak outdueled Arod in his 1st playoff game and his performance was worthy of a W.
                [Game 2]
                Dak-22/33 226, 1td, 1 rushtd 1 int
                Rus-18/27 233, 1td, 1 rushtd
                W for Dak
                [Game 3]
                Dak-20-32 266yds, 1td
                Goff-15/28 186yds🚮 0 tds
                We all know the Rams rushing attack won the game for them and our defense lost it for us. Dak outplayed the QB in each of his 1st 3 playoff games. Period. He would be 3-0 if it weren't for his defense meaning he could've possibly made it his rookie year. If you still hating after this then u just lame asf

                • Gary
                  Gary  6 months back

                  @Lucky King he had his moments for sure, but he had plenty of moments in his career of the offense just not moving the ball at all , hopefully Kellen Moore can change our offense enough and it's actually creative. But I just think you're to delusional about Dak at this point

                • Lucky King
                  Lucky King  6 months back

                  @Gary Dak defense lost every playoff game he played in. Tell me im lying. Every performance of his was worthy of a W. Even against Rodgers bro u trippin

                • Lucky King
                  Lucky King  6 months back

                  @Gary you know NOTHING!
                  Dak outplayed Jared Goff by a long shot. The DEFENSE gave up 274 yards rushing. Daks a QB not a DT. He's THE MOST clutch player since '16(big moments, big plays) all of this came together in the 2nd half of last season. During that stretch nobody was more efficient than Dak & Amari.

                • Lucky King
                  Lucky King  6 months back

                  @Gary how bout Dak ranked 2nd in deep passer rating last year😂😂


              • ThaReal
                ThaReal  6 months back

                🗣️Let's Go Cowboys!!!

                • Onyeka Onyebuchukwu
                  Onyeka Onyebuchukwu  6 months back

                  Darks hairline is already receeding and the season has not even started yet

                  • Steel Here
                    Steel Here  6 months back

                    - I'm sick of the - "Superbowl or bust" - clichés.
                    - So, this year it's Superbowl or bust.

                    • NMExECL1PSE
                      NMExECL1PSE  6 months back

                      Daks not even close to Warren Moon. lol but I think they mean he just throws like him. just not as accurate down the field like him. all you have to do is watch video of Warren Moon n you'll see for yourself. but what's most hilarious is how hard this channel tries to make Dak look like he's one of the best 🤣😂🤣 but he's just Good.

                      • 123 RF
                        123 RF  6 months back

                        Dak looks like he’s going to throw with more velocity

                        • rfreeman37
                          rfreeman37  6 months back

                          Velocity is not his issue it’s touch and accuracy 🙄

                      • Bill Bates
                        Bill Bates  6 months back

                        I haven't been this excited since 1992 when the Cowboys exited their 15 year drought in superbowl appearances. Now it's what 25 years? so uh yeah. If you can't see that this team is gearing up to belt everyone in the mouth, then you aren't paying attention.

                        • Adam Godouse
                          Adam Godouse  6 months back

                          I'M EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          • Daniel Albert
                            Daniel Albert  6 months back

                            Great show. Tremendously appreciate the Blitz. As far as Jordan Lewis, he is a baller and has a place on the roster. However there is a reason why was not your starter at nickel corner - Anthony Brown was better. Y'all are forgetting #30 !

                            • Relayer6a
                              Relayer6a  6 months back

                              Everyone goes back to the rookie season. What's Dak's win % the last two years after DC's got tape? 19-13. Not bad, but not the best in the league. And make no mistakes, Dak is not the best, or even close to, the best in the league.

                              • Joel Polk
                                Joel Polk  6 months back

                                HATING ASS MFs ALWAYS HAVE SHIT TO SAY. #GTFOH

                              • eudy Maverick Mentor
                                eudy Maverick Mentor  6 months back

                                @@Relayer6a I agree with you. A couple of thoughts. On the whole "Dak was going to be so much better because he'd be able to throw to the open man and not have to force the ball to Dez." thing. Well, to me this was somewhat true and somewhat just bull when they said it. Dez was on his last legs. For the most part Dez just wasn't quick enough to get open. He wanted Dak to just throw the back shoulder thing and have Dez go up and get it. It took Romo three years before he was comfortable enough to just throw up jump balls for Dez. The Cowboys didn't have time to let Dak grow into that type of play. That coupled with how Dez totally screwed the team over in the Seattle playoff game pretty much sealed his fate. So I do believe Dak is better off with a receiver whose style is running good crisp routes. Amari Coopers 3.98 on the shuttle is just outstanding.
                                Another thought. You mentioned that Dak uses Zeke as a safety valve. That is pretty much the standard for most NFL teams. Nothing unique to Dak to Dallas. I decided to look at how much Dallas relies on Zeke to catch passes verses other running backs. This is what I found. Of course this is all passing yards but it tells the tale. Elliot is sort of middle of the road.
                                Pass (Passing Yards)
                                1. Christian McCaffrey (P), Carolina Panthers 867
                                2. Saquon Barkley (SB), New York Giants 721
                                3. Alvin Kamara (P), New Orleans Saints 709
                                4. Todd Gurley (P), Los Angeles Rams 580
                                5. Ezekiel Elliott (P), Dallas Cowboys 567
                                6. Melvin Gordon (P), Los Angeles Chargers 490
                                7. David Johnson (SB), Arizona Cardinals 446
                                8. Kareem Hunt (P), Kansas City Chiefs 378
                                9. Adrian Peterson (SB), Washington Redskins 208
                                10. Derrick Henry (P), Tennessee Titans 99
                                Anyway, thanks for your thoughts. I hope the team stays healthy. I think we could have a very good year if they do. Go Cowboys!

                              • Relayer6a
                                Relayer6a  6 months back

                                I agree that our receivers as a group were real bad at the start of last season. Remember the hype though? Dak was going to be so much better because he'd be able to throw to the open man and not have to force the ball to Dez.
                                Hurns sucked. He couldn't carry Dez's pads, never mind fill his shoes. TWill couldn't get it done with Dak, without Dez, or a combination of the two. The TE group were really bad except for the Giants game. But they're the Giants. Gallup was a rookie. Showed potential, but still a rookie. Beas was a quality slot guy. But if you are only going to have him run routes <10 yards while the defense is crowding the LoS, what can a little guy like that do? Edelman would have struggled with YAC. Except for the screen Zeke was almost exclusively a safety net standing around for Dak to dump the ball to at the last second. And he had 77 receptions! Cooper is a quality receiver. You put him on the Steelers or Falcons and he's a 1500 yd receiver. I know we'll never throw the ball that much, but he could do it in the right offense. Welcome back Witten! I know a lot of people hate his "old slow ass" but he'll get open. In 2017 all by himself he did as much as the entire TE group did in 2018. And he's a big plus in the run game. He'll help the red zone offense both as a receiver and a blocker for Zeke. And let's hope Cobb can be in Dallas what he was in Green Bay. He has Cooper and Gallup who defenses have to account for. That should leave him singled up. He has been more effective in his career than Beas running deeper routes. He doesn't have the short area quickness of Beasley (Beas always looked like his cleats were longer than everyone else's) but if he goes deeper he could draw coverage away from Witten and Zeke underneath.
                                Big question for me is can Dak take advantage. I know you (and a lot of others) have faith in his ability. I just haven't seen it since his rookie year when DC's figured out what to take away. He needs to step outside his comfort zone and take the intermediate middle and deep outside shots when they are there. I don't think Linehan had the confidence in him to run those routes enough. If I'm Moore I install them, practice them, and run them. If Dak fails, let's find out now rather than after he gets a $200M contract.

                              • eudy Maverick Mentor
                                eudy Maverick Mentor  6 months back

                                ​@Relayer6a OK. Fair enough. I agree we want the passing offense to be ranked higher than 22. So if we look at why it was 22nd the thing that glares at me was the fact that Dallas didn't give Dak any quality receivers to throw too. Surely you agree losing your top two receivers just prior to the season was not good for the passing game. And what they did bring in was 2nd rate bench players that were rejected from other teams. Receivers who had skills, but nothing near what we lost. It was clear, in the first half of the season, that this hurt our offensive production. Yes?

                                Now the reason we care about 2016, is it gives us a metric to shoot for and gives us a metric to compare Dak's current development. So in my eyes, the fact that Dak's passing effectiveness in 2018 almost was identical to his stats in 2016, and he lost his two top receivers, is an indication that Dak was improving. Doing more with less. It was evident in his average yards per game. In 2016 it was 216.5 yards per game. So we want to improve on that. In 2018 the first half of the season, it had dropped to 183.1 yards per game. A significant drop. So what was the cause? Did Dak regress, or had our receiving group regressed. Obviously the the receiver group regressed, but maybe it was on Dak too. However, once Dallas brought in a true #1 replacement for Dez, in Amari Cooper, things changed. So in the second half of the season, Dak's numbers skyrocketed to 250.7 yards per game. That was a huge jump with only one change. Just think what it could have been had they brought in a quality tight end too.

                                From what I can tell and speculate, our current receiving group may be the best group in a very long time. A very exciting time.

                              • Yunked
                                Yunked  6 months back

                                Dak is trash

                            • Vipers Venom
                              Vipers Venom  6 months back

                              Dak is not worth a big contract! He's a mid level talent at him as such so we can keep more of the talent on D n pay Zeke n Amari!

                              • Yunked
                                Yunked  6 months back

                                Yea Dak is trash lol

                              • Vipers Venom
                                Vipers Venom  6 months back

                                @Kevin Hendrix Never said he doesn't deserve some money! Just doesn't deserve the same money as SB winning/Top level QB money. N its not Dak getting us to the playoffs it has been Zeke n D mostly. If we didn't get Amari last year we would not have made it on Daks poor play! Without a true #1 receiver Daks play is way below average.

                              • Airees Lulz
                                Airees Lulz  6 months back

                                Vipers Venom are you stupid?? Or just dumb? There’s not a QB in the league with more wins than dak other than Brady 😂😂☠️🤦🏽‍♂️. Stick to your easy bake oven, leave football to the big kids buddy.

                              • eudy Maverick Mentor
                                eudy Maverick Mentor  6 months back

                                @Vipers Venom
                                Really. How about we look at some facts.
                                People Say Dak is not an accurate QB. Really, lets look.
                                These are stats based on each QB's first three years as a starter.
                                Completion Percentage (Accuracy)
                                Drew Brees 67.3
                                Dak Prescott 66.2
                                Tony Romo 65.3
                                Matt Ryan 65.3
                                Aaron Rodgers 64.8
                                Philip Rivers 64.5
                                Ben Roethlisberger 64.4
                                Russell Wilson 64.2
                                Tom Brady 64
                                Marcus Mariota 63.2
                                Carson Wentz 63.7
                                Matthew Stafford 62.4
                                Andy Dalton 62.3
                                Jared Goff 62.1
                                Nick Foles 61.6
                                Derek Carr 61
                                Andrew Luck 60.8
                                Eli Manning 60.3
                                Cam Newton 59.7


                                People Say Dak can't throw the long ball. Really, lets look.
                                Passer Rating for passes over 20 Yards (League Average 81.4)
                                Russell Wilson 124.6
                                Dak Prescott 116.7
                                Ben Roethlisberger 104.2
                                Jarod Goff 101.4
                                Andrew Luck 98.5
                                Matthew Stafford 90.7
                                Tom Brady 80.6
                                Carson Wentz 64.3


                                How about Production. This is a rating of touchdowns verses turnovers
                                Rating touchdowns-turnovers=(difference)
                                Dak Prescott:PassTD62,RushTD18,INT24,Fmb14,Rating+80-38=(+42)
                                Carson Wentz:PassTD70,RushTD2,INT28,Fmb16,Rating+72-44=(+28)
                                Jared Goff:PassTD60,RushTD3,INT25,Fmb18,Rating+63-43=(+20)
                                Marcus Mariota:PassTD58,RushTD10,INT34,Fmb15,Rating+68-49=(+19)
                                Russell Wilson:PassTD72,RushTD11,INT26,Fmb14,Rating+83-40=(+42)
                                Aaron Rodgers:PassTD86,RushTD0,INT31,Fmb14,Rating+86-45=(+41)
                                Cam Newton:PassTD64,RushTD28,INT42,Fmb11,Rating+92-53=(+39)
                                Andrew Luck:PassTD86,RushTD12,INT43,Fmb21,Rating+98-64=(+34)
                                Philip Rivers:PassTD77,RushTD1,INT35,Fmb18,Rating+78-53=(+25)
                                Andy Dalton:PassTD80,RushTD7,INT49,Fmb14,Rating+87-63=(+24)
                                Matt Ryan:PassTD66,RushTD2,INT34,Fmb11,Rating+68-45=(+23)
                                Drew Brees:PassTD68,RushTD2,INT38,Fmb12,Rating+70-50=(+20)
                                Matthew Stafford:PassTD74,RushTD2,INT53,Fmb10,Rating+76-63=(+13)
                                Tom Brady:PassTD69,RushTD2,INT38,Fmb24,Rating+71-62=(+9)
                                Eli Manning:PassTD71,RushTD1,INT44,Fmb20,Rating+72-64=(+8)
                                Ben Roethlisberger:PassTD52,RushTD6,INT43,Fmb8,Rating+58-51=(+7)
                                Peyton Manning:PassTD85,RushTD3,INT58,Fmb11,Rating+88-69=(+19)
                                Tony Romo:PassTD81,RushTD2,INT46,Fmb21,Rating+83-67=(+16)
                                Troy Aikman:PassTD49,RushTD2,INT38,Fmb11,Rating+50-49=(+1)
                                Roger Staubach:PassTD49,RushTD8,INT49,Fmb7,Rating+57-56=(+1)
                                Terry Bradshaw:PassTD43,RushTD13,INT46,Fmb11,Rating+56-57=(-1)
                                Brett Favre:PassTD70,RushTD4,INT51,Fmb27,Rating+74-78=(-4)
                                (Stats from Pro Football Reference)

                                Hmmm, I guess Dak IS pretty good.

                              • Valentino Urbina
                                Valentino Urbina  6 months back

                                I do think he's a little over rated but is decent and is actually a good deal for the team

                            • TheSport78
                              TheSport78  6 months back

                              I hate Bill Jones.

                              • Marco Franchetti
                                Marco Franchetti  6 months back

                                I think Witt taking a year off will help him out so much more letting his body get a year of rest I think he has a big year LETS GO COWBOYS

                                • Gary
                                  Gary  6 months back

                                  I love Witt and all but I think it's stunts what could've been a fresher rotation of young TEs to battle it out. Not a huge issue though he may have 0 yards per catch but he'll make the catch.

                                • ThaReal
                                  ThaReal  6 months back

                                  Right 💪🏽

                                • Yunked
                                  Yunked  6 months back

                                  Marco Franchetti lol nah

                              • john gonzales
                                john gonzales  6 months back

                                If he’s wearing 81 better light that field up 🔥

                                • Jayhussl
                                  Jayhussl  6 months back

                                  I agree with you Brian. 27 needs more time. This guy Nick never gets it right. Lol

                                  • Richard Coleman
                                    Richard Coleman  6 months back

                                    ITS TIME COWBOYS 6

                                    • Richard Coleman
                                      Richard Coleman  6 months back

                                      WE DEM SUPERCOWBOYS6

                                      • 1981yama
                                        1981yama  6 months back

                                        Bring Dez Back!

                                        • Steel Here
                                          Steel Here  6 months back

                                          If Dallas brings Dez back, CBS should bring M*A*S*H back.

                                        • Chase McBrien
                                          Chase McBrien  6 months back

                                          Dez probably smoking a crack pipe by now. He is too much trouble. He should have kept his mouth shut and focused more on what he use to do best. Playing widereiver.

                                        • Yunked
                                          Yunked  6 months back

                                          1981yama it’s too late he’s gone

                                      • Roy Ayers 3%er
                                        Roy Ayers 3%er  6 months back

                                        What is with Jerry Jones and mediocre quarterbacks Garrett,kitna,moore

                                        • Travis Dent
                                          Travis Dent  6 months back

                                          They were all backups? Didn't know many teams had elite backup qbs lmao

                                        • Steel Here
                                          Steel Here  6 months back

                                          All of those people you mentioned are his friends. Friendship/loyalty is very important to Jerry Jones.

                                        • justin eslick
                                          justin eslick  6 months back

                                          It's their mind more than ability.

                                      • Snowy
                                        Snowy  6 months back

                                        This is our season!!

                                        • ThaReal
                                          ThaReal  6 months back

                                          I kinda got that feeling also but we shall see😎

                                      • Touchdown! Cowboys
                                        Touchdown! Cowboys  6 months back

                                        Lindsay needs to wear a dress, pants don't look good on her

                                        • David m
                                          David m  6 months back

                                          She can wear what she wants her looks don't change

                                      • Justin Beechler
                                        Justin Beechler  6 months back

                                        That kid at the end will end up being a starter. He better anyways. He’s got the IT factor to make a great WR!

                                        • 6 plyrich
                                          6 plyrich  6 months back

                                          I thought Lewis was going to be a starter last year. His first year the guy was a monster, he just had 1 bad play at the end of the year vs raiders. The dude has a dog inside him.

                                          • C.N Nixon
                                            C.N Nixon  6 months back

                                            Wtf!!! I love this guy. Holy shyt

                                            • nabzy28
                                              nabzy28  6 months back

                                              Michael Gallup absolutely roasted his coverage a couple times a game last season. Dak needs to figure out that timing on those deep outs and they'll be a legit deep threat.

                                              • JBDC4L
                                                JBDC4L  6 months back

                                                @YunkedYou are clueless

                                              • Nathaniel Bowen
                                                Nathaniel Bowen  6 months back

                                                James Rougely Dak haters hate on Dak for no reason.

                                              • James Rougely
                                                James Rougely  6 months back

                                                @Nathaniel Bowen exactly yet he gets accused of overthrowing Gallup. If Dak is the one at fault then how was he connecting with Cooper on deep passes so easily? Im confused

                                              • Nathaniel Bowen
                                                Nathaniel Bowen  6 months back

                                                he slowed down and Stopped in routes quit a few times, Michael Gallup has a route to run and he wasn't running all his routes correctly.

                                              • James Rougely
                                                James Rougely  6 months back

                                                @Yunked not even close you delusional fuck. Haha that!

                                            • Michael Flanagan
                                              Michael Flanagan  6 months back

                                              Jourdan lewis is over rated. His turning ability is trash. He is small and cant keep up and cant jump. Probably best tackling cb on the cowboys. But he needs to get workin

                                              • jeremy x
                                                jeremy x  6 months back

                                                @Daniel Hamlet
                                                But seriously
                                                Thanx Daniel

                                              • Daniel Hamlet
                                                Daniel Hamlet  6 months back

                                                jeremy x man soo correct

                                              • jeremy x
                                                jeremy x  6 months back

                                                Anthony Brown got benched for penalties in '16

                                                He led in defensive penalties, (holding & PI), last season
                                                Because he got burnt, left in his tracks, lack of discipline

                                                Those ALL resulted in automatic 1st downs
                                                You DO remember all this, right!?

                                                Where was JLew ranked among CB's after his rookie season?
                                                Where was AB ranked after last year?

                                                Google for yourself & rethink your comment

                                                There's not that much that separates them production wise
                                                JLew had a much better year than AB's year last year
                                                & AB's only less than a full inch taller
                                                Yet less aggressive & lesser of a ballhawk

                                                I'm elated that they're both very good corners for us
                                                But JLew is being held back
                                                That's holding our team back just that much more

                                                Not good business
                                                Kris Richard is about to make drastic changes
                                                JLew will see more time

                                                And but he will earn it


                                              • Lava LifeGuard
                                                Lava LifeGuard  6 months back

                                                OK Coach Richard, thanks for the update

                                            • jeremy x
                                              jeremy x  6 months back

                                              G-R-E-A-T point on JLew Brian moreso than Nick
                                              There's no. Open competition between AB & JLew
                                              The unwarranted reducing of snaps by Richard clearly stunted JLew growth & gave AB the unfair advantage in my humblest of opinions

                                              Hold an open competition
                                              That simple
                                              I want the best man on the field regardless of my personal likes/dislikes point blank

                                              Had Richard split the reps, say 65%-35% favoring AB
                                              That would've allowed both to thrive & been much fairer & better than a measly 18% for JLew

                                              AB's PI's were troublesome
                                              That proves he can't cover as well as JLew

                                              JLew would've had 2 int's had Brees threw a catchable ball in the 1st half
                                              And Jordan still almost scooped up the well under-thrown ball

                                              This is the biggest take of this segment to me

                                              But now
                                              This Jon'Vea Johnson kid is special
                                              Won't be surprising to see him push some vet completely out
                                              (*hint*, Hurns)

                                              Thx guys

                                              • jeremy x
                                                jeremy x  6 months back

                                                @Robert Bennett
                                                He should start over Brown no doubt
                                                I also agree with an opinion if a Dallas article saying Chido fails to get his head around soon enough
                                                This has cost several potential int's

                                                W/that assessment, he feels Chido should be started at safety
                                                And he played both CB & safety in college

                                                Itscsaid Awuzie plays mire aggressive facing the ball vs w/his back to it

                                                That's a solution for safety & getting JLew on the field
                                                It'll also leave the trade ability open for AB should one if the current depth CB's to get snaps etc

                                              • Robert Bennett
                                                Robert Bennett  6 months back

                                                NEVER ———— underestimate the underdog.
                                                Jourdan should be starting over ANY of the other guys. He has a constant nastiness to his game that some else on the sideline doesn’t see. I hope to see HIM start OVER CHIDO this year. I just don’t see the affection for Beown OR CHIDO over this guy.
                                                Kris, you want turnovers, get your PLAYER on the field!!!!!!!!

                                              • jeremy x
                                                jeremy x  6 months back

                                                @Ryan S
                                                They're both said to be undrafted FA to watch for

                                                I can't say now who's better
                                                Only Mini's, Training Camp, etc will tell

                                                They're both super fast & athletic
                                                It'll be nice if they can push Hurns out or at least pressure him to take a cut to stay on

                                                I simply just want the best roster
                                                Even if it's not my pet player(s)

                                              • Ryan S
                                                Ryan S  6 months back

                                                jeremy x is JV better or is that Guyton kid better? I think both got contracts

                                            • John Crabtree
                                              John Crabtree  6 months back

                                              Yeah cowboys are ignorant for not playing lewis more

                                              • Jayhussl
                                                Jayhussl  6 months back

                                                Lewis has earned his spot if you asking me. He plays with a chip on his shoulder. I will bet other teams are begging the Cowboys to let him go. M Jackson will be good, but I don't see him beating out Lewis . He will make the team for sure though. Richard type player from what I see. It's going to be like the beat movie you ever seen just building up the suspense up to the 53. Who goes and who stays. Nail biter for sure.

                                              • Big D & Dudley tv
                                                Big D & Dudley tv  6 months back

                                                Just to add I have a feeling michael jackson may beat him and Anthony brown out which I wouldn't mind if he can ball out. The competition we have amongst the team is beautiful thing

                                              • 6 plyrich
                                                6 plyrich  6 months back

                                                I agree. I though they should have played him all over the field and let the dude play. He has a dog inside him and the fight is strong.

                                            • Xopher
                                              Xopher  6 months back

                                              Some cool graphics 🌟

                                              • T Smoove
                                                T Smoove  6 months back

                                                I feel a super Bowl

                                                • Travis Dent
                                                  Travis Dent  6 months back

                                                  This is the best roster I've personally ever seen for dallas I was born in 94 for reference lol team is so balanced excellent front 7 on d and we have great depth on the oline bring in some more recieving talent and play makers for dak to utilize this team is dangerous

                                                • Yunked
                                                  Yunked  6 months back

                                                  G Potter hahahahaha that funny

                                                • G Potter
                                                  G Potter  6 months back

                                                  Truth be told, Im feeling it too.

                                                • Yunked
                                                  Yunked  6 months back

                                                  T Smoove hahahahaha that funny

                                              • COWTown Tx.
                                                COWTown Tx.  6 months back

                                                Hot take: J. Johnson will be our starting slot next year and he will earn a 2nd contract in a few years...

                                                • jat0977
                                                  jat0977  6 months back

                                                  I would love to see that happen!

                                              • COWTown Tx.
                                                COWTown Tx.  6 months back

                                                Hey, Dani!!!

                                                • Caveman Jesus
                                                  Caveman Jesus  6 months back

                                                  Woooo let's get kickoff going I can't wait to see the boys up

                                                  • Esteban Mercado
                                                    Esteban Mercado  6 months back

                                                    Love you guys man ... (:

                                                    • the autistic pier champion of herb and peace

                                                      We need to defend ourselves from our enemies who makes us look bad make this year tough for them

                                                      • Nintendah Tapes
                                                        Nintendah Tapes  6 months back

                                                        Rob aka Frankenfuck

                                                      • mikeymg97
                                                        mikeymg97  6 months back

                                                        Thank you Bryan b finally we agree . Lewis and byron starters . Chido inside . I've been saying all last year chido is good but hes not at his best on that side of the field.

                                                        • mikeymg97
                                                          mikeymg97  6 months back

                                                          @Michael Flanagan yes sir so true only thing I dont like about his technique

                                                        • Michael Flanagan
                                                          Michael Flanagan  6 months back

                                                          Lewis overrated. He better fix his turning ability when chasing or he will be five yards behind like always

                                                      • Tyler Main
                                                        Tyler Main  6 months back

                                                        Y'all remember when they had our wr core ranked 28th? Cooper, hurns, Gallup, Cobb even the UNDRAFTED guys are pretty good. Crazy Wat a year can do

                                                        • NLMB Zoldyck
                                                          NLMB Zoldyck  6 months back

                                                          @Yunked your team?

                                                        • Yunked
                                                          Yunked  6 months back

                                                          rfreeman37 exactly bro. I can respect Cowboy fans like you, you’re honest and real. Guys like Tyler are just too busy with their heads stuck up their ass hahahaha I’ll just continue to laugh at guys like him

                                                        • Yunked
                                                          Yunked  6 months back

                                                          Tyler Main yeah your whole division’s receiving core is trash honestly lol, Eagles have the best but still theirs isn’t great. Enjoy your mediocre team dawg

                                                        • NLMB Zoldyck
                                                          NLMB Zoldyck  6 months back

                                                          @rfreeman37 sounds like you know a lot about a coordinator who hasn't even called a game yet

                                                      • Dividend Income
                                                        Dividend Income  6 months back

                                                        Dallas Cowboys OWN the NFC East this year. Not one bit worried about the other teams in the division. I’m more worried about the games outside the division. Cowboys go 5-1 in the East this year.

                                                        • Chase McBrien
                                                          Chase McBrien  6 months back

                                                          We've heard this story two dozen times over the years. Won't know who takes the division until late in the season. Any NFL team could emerge as a powerhouse in any season. Cowboys are far from being elite . They haven't showed much since 1996.

                                                        • the autistic pier champion of herb and peace
                                                          the autistic pier champion of herb and peace  6 months back

                                                          All they need to do is defend themselves from being destroyed not letting them go all over Dak Prescott like that

                                                      • David Cantu
                                                        David Cantu  6 months back

                                                        Kick off cant come soon enough for me, EXCITED for the new season, GO COWBOYS!!

                                                        • j reid
                                                          j reid  6 months back


                                                          • BZK Illuminati
                                                            BZK Illuminati  6 months back