RUMOR: Dak Prescott apparently declines contract offer of $30 Million Average by Cowboys


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  • SpaceCowboy17
    SpaceCowboy17   4 months back

    Once again this is merely a rumor, but nevertheless it keeps coming from numerous sources that this happened. Being honest, take this with a grain of salt because we don't know the extent of what happened or didn't happen.

    • TheMegaghost85
      TheMegaghost85  4 months back

      This channel is a joke,right? Special needs? Make a wish foundation channel for retards?

    • Juan Carlos Delgado Moreno
      Juan Carlos Delgado Moreno  4 months back

      Take the money

    • Mark Schlingloff
      Mark Schlingloff  4 months back

      @Salty Creature is asset is his ring. When dak gets one, then he can ask for any figure.

    • Jeremy Boulanger
      Jeremy Boulanger  4 months back

      If true The agent turned it down and that was the first offer they will counter 35 and then like homeboy said settle for 33.5 million cause that's what he deserves. I love her the narrative is Dak turned it down when Dak has publicly said that his agents are working on this he's worried about the season.

  • Zenfinity Massage & Wellness

    Is Dak Prescott a Top 5 QB? No. Top 10? Possibly. HOWEVER, if Carson Wentz is getting paid Top 5 money, why shouldn't a QB who has stayed healthy and played more games, won more games, including play-off games, been to more Pro-Bowls, scored more TDs, thrown fewer Interceptions (despite playing more games), and lead more game-winning drives in the 4th quarter than Carson Wentz?

    • IndoFoKinFolk Foo
      IndoFoKinFolk Foo  4 months back

      I think $25 mil is already pushing it. Drop this foo. Our team can make anyone look like a star

      • CaveMan
        CaveMan  4 months back

        You know what else was just a rumor? Zeke holding out. Maybe there is something to these rumors. Dak is not a top 10 qb in the league. "Well cowboyfan he wins games." While that may be true he doesn't make good players better. If we don't have Cooper or Zeke we are a 6 win team. If a qb is paid top dollar, they have to be able to lead a team and make the team better on their own!

        • 50 cent sonic corn dogs
          50 cent sonic corn dogs  4 months back

          they would have to pay him 32.5 a year to one up carson wentz

          • Atoyia M Blackshear
            Atoyia M Blackshear  4 months back

            GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!

            • Atoyia M Blackshear
              Atoyia M Blackshear  4 months back


              • megamuffin15
                megamuffin15  4 months back

                What moron would accept the first offer in a negotiation.

                • Titan Up
                  Titan Up  4 months back


                  • Martin N
                    Martin N  4 months back

                    Sam ehlinger is better than sacked Prescott. Hook em

                    • Juan El Bean
                      Juan El Bean  4 months back

                      Dak is a good QB. Top 5? I woouldnt say so. 30 million is generous and honestly i think a little less would suit him. Coming from a Dallas fan. I just don't think he's proved he deserves more than 30 million.

                      • PR52
                        PR52  4 months back

                        It all boils down to the market price. He’s been consistent when it comes to wins and has said multiple times that he won’t sign for less than market value. The market is between 33-35 million a year. Jerry prances around acting like he doesn’t need to pay market prices. Which is really dumb of him because he’s going to lose the superstar talent that has made his team successful and the allure of America’s team basically boils down to bubkis because the Cowboys no longer outclass teams like the Patriots do. And that’s fine by me because the cowboys likely won’t draft anyone who is as good as Dak in two years and if they do, they’ll have to pay him more than Dak.

                        • mrslash blade
                          mrslash blade  4 months back

                          PR52 because Dak couldn’t throw him the ball, Dez is a receiver that uses his ability to win 50/50 balls, it takes a QB who can make those throws. Dak cannot make the throws Romo could. And even if it wasn’t 50/50 balls, and they were just off slants or In routes or Corner routes Dak still over threw Dez. It was like 60% Dak fault for their connection.

                        • PR52
                          PR52  4 months back

                          mrslash blade Dez was terrible in 2017

                        • mrslash blade
                          mrslash blade  4 months back

                          PR52 Brady and Wilson had Super Bowls within the first three years of their career, a high winning percentage in a pretty weak division during the times they won with only one playoff win isn’t a stat you should be hoarding over. Brady and Wilson also didn’t enter an offense as high power as Dallas. Before Romo injury it was suppose to be an offensive threat of Romo Dez Zeke and Witten and that Offensive Line, and Romo actually knows how to play with a guy like Dez unlike Dak.

                        • PR52
                          PR52  4 months back

                          mrslash blade consistent when it comes to wins. In fact, no modern day QB has as many wins as Dak in their first 3 seasons other than Brady and Wilson.

                        • mrslash blade
                          mrslash blade  4 months back

                          PR52 So consistent that the Cowboys were having a first round pick that would have just been outside top 10 pick if not for Amari. He was consistently getting under 200 yards. Even if you are saying the guarantee, and? The guarantee is for Dak to stay at this level that’s not a high standard he’s basically getting 30 M to be in the 13th-16th best QB.

                      • Derek Hernandez
                        Derek Hernandez  4 months back

                        Daks not worth 30 mil man come on man greedy mf.

                        • Jesse Ortiz
                          Jesse Ortiz  4 months back

                          This is Why Dak Hasn't Been Signed....Let Him Play Out His Contract Then Franchise Tag Him.
                          Dude Can't Even Get to an NFC Championship Game But Wants Top 5 Money...It's a Joke

                          • mrslash blade
                            mrslash blade  4 months back

                            Vaibhav Garg that’s a lot of ifs

                          • Vaibhav Garg
                            Vaibhav Garg  4 months back

                            Jesse Ortiz cmon man. If the cowboys played SOME run defense like just a little and aaron rodgers doesnt make one of the greatest throws ever than dak has 2 nfc champ appearances

                        • Rand Burg
                          Rand Burg  4 months back

                          The question is what was the amount "guaranteed"? Was he in the "TOP FIVE" far as guaranteed money also. If he wasn't then I support him and his agent.

                          • jeremy x
                            jeremy x  4 months back

                            Great observations and facts you've put out here SpaceCowboy17

                            Bump the fickle fanbase who can't or won't understand

                            It's just football businesses

                            Thx and ☮️ Peace

                          • tztee
                            tztee  4 months back

                   him to the Bengals or something

                            We can find a borderline inconsistent QB in the next draft

                            And Zeke better hope Tony Pollard don't shine any more than he already is because his ass can be a trade bait too

                            • tztee
                              tztee  4 months back

                              @Jeremy Boulanger ..the most logical statement

                              Dak is cool but 30 mil was too much especially since he has all of those endorsements

                              And Zeke is the best back in the league, but no 1 man is above the team and he still has 2 more whole years on his contract, imagine what we can get with a zeke there anybody with a high possibility of getting a top 10 pick next draft that is willing to trade for the best back in the league??..i think so..

                              Go get one of those stud QBs that voch said out his own mouth that he would push dak off of a bridge for maybe(of he is available)??..pair that QB with Tony Pollard (if he is as advertised), with baby zeke Mike Webber backing him up and all of a sudden we just might back in the Superbowl

                              Its clear that i think like a business man, you think like an employee..

                            • Jeremy Boulanger
                              Jeremy Boulanger  4 months back

                              And the dumbest comment of the day goes to...

                          • IQ Logic
                            IQ Logic  4 months back

                            If it's coming from the Athletic then it's basically true. And Dak is not worth more than 30 mil per year. Dak needs to be more to be better than 30 mil per year. I think 30 mil is the perfect number for Dak, and if I was him ill take it, cause without Zeke playing this year, it's going to fall on him and lose his value.

                            • Casey Greenfield
                              Casey Greenfield  4 months back

                              How many years and how much guaranteed money was there

                              • Quinton Lee
                                Quinton Lee  4 months back

                                This shit here is a pure mockery of this Dallas cowboys team .A great team possible Superbowl team going thru contract issues . I respect King Coop on how he's conducting himself ,he said I'm going out here in prove not only to step&Jerry ,but to the NFL world that's he's one of the best wr n da league only if Dak&Zeke would have that same mentality

                                • Jeremy Boulanger
                                  Jeremy Boulanger  4 months back

                                  Dude first off Dak has said he's focused on the season and his agent and the Jones's are working on the deal. If this is true then Dak's agent turned it down. Also it's the first offer and then Dak's agent will counter and they will meet in the middle. Dak and Coop are handling this exactly the same way and both are on their last year. Zeke and his agents are the ones who are in the wrong. He has2 years left on his deal and went to Mexico. Dak ain't holding out he's working his ass off trying to get to the Superbowl

                              • Deshun Richardson
                                Deshun Richardson  4 months back

                                Dak dude your tripping let's get this done

                                • Daz Capone
                                  Daz Capone  4 months back

                                  That 30mill is being Generous, hes worth maby 26mill, I can see if he took the team to the NFC championship or maby a superbowl, 30mill. WAIST of money

                                  • BAMBAMSAUCESAUCE
                                    BAMBAMSAUCESAUCE  4 months back

                                    FUCKING FAKE!!!!!!!

                                    • King Dallas
                                      King Dallas  4 months back

                                      Dak needs to chill out

                                      • King Dallas
                                        King Dallas  4 months back

                                        Christian Jimenez I just heard this, and I’m like dude chill the hell out.

                                      • Christian Jimenez
                                        Christian Jimenez  4 months back

                                        Salty Creature nah fam needs to chill asking for 40 mill

                                      • King Dallas
                                        King Dallas  4 months back

                                        Salty Creature I love Dak but paying him more than 29 mil is graceful and generous. He’s great but not a top QB. And quarterbacks that get payed a lot don’t win championships.

                                    • Ivan Sanchez
                                      Ivan Sanchez  4 months back

                                      I'm kinda new coming over from Voschs channel, i like your insight keep up the great work!

                                    • Lolly Stew
                                      Lolly Stew  4 months back

                                      I wish someone offered me 500,000 to play lol

                                    • Alexander302
                                      Alexander302  4 months back

                                      Shit is crazy if it is true smh ,Cause if so Dak is getting a big head if so 😢