Simone Biles: USA Gymnastics "failed" its athletes

  • Published: 09 August 2019
  • Simone Biles broke down in tears Wednesday, blaming team officials for failing to protect her and her teammates from sex predator Larry Nassar, the former team doctor. Dr. Jon LaPook reports.

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Comments • 20

  • Artemis Bianco
    Artemis Bianco  4 months back

    Anyone else just want a free punch at Larry Nassar’s face? 😒

    • Elvoray Bane of the Darkness

      Nassar should be forced to watch CNN 20 hours a day. 2 hours of sleep and two more hours of watching Don lemon and Chris Cuomo tickling each other on live TV.

      • Michela Thompson
        Michela Thompson  4 months back

        @Elvoray Babe of the Dark and I think they should blast the speakers in his room and make him listen 25 hours, 8 days a week to young victim's testimonies of how he wrecked their lives. And for good measure make him listen to Podcasts of Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Jeanine Pirro, Rush Limbaugh, and Doofus Donald. Then have a psychiatrist come into his cell to all about Doofus Donald instead of Nassar. Repeat tape of Doofus and scrutinizing some of his 25 mental health that white nationalist denies:
        1. Persecutor Delusion
        2. Narccicistoc personality Disorder
        3. Questionable the REAL relation ship of he and his daughter.
        4. Psychosis
        5. Pschizophrenia
        6. Schizoid personality Disorder
        7. And hear the testimonies of all of his survivors.
        Then shove metal needles under his fingernail.

      • Michela Thompson
        Michela Thompson  4 months back


      • Elvoray Bane of the Darkness
        Elvoray Bane of the Darkness  4 months back

        Check out on youtube "Stump and Stumpy" and if you don't see Lemon and Cuomo you are blind.

      • z z
        z z  4 months back

        Evidently, u sleep to the top

      • King of Everything
        King of Everything  4 months back

        That would be a reward... esp the Don & Chris tickling each other part

    • R. ThugLyfe
      R. ThugLyfe  4 months back

      Well did he advance their careers, if so🤷🏿

      • Kathy M
        Kathy M  4 months back

        You're sad.

      • melissa saint
        melissa saint  4 months back

        Tis is a troll guys. Hold him accountable for the things he is saying because he *is* saying them, but don't let him rile you

    • skystring1
      skystring1  4 months back

      Male or female... they should be a professional.

      • Jupe367
        Jupe367  4 months back

        If these girls are underage, should the doctors be women?

        • sysya schaatsen
          sysya schaatsen  4 months back

          @Eschaton Zenith I really hope you meant "more" and not "most". Either way it doesn't matter, if you exclude men from these jobs it will only cause fear which is unnecessary. If USAG had done their job it wouldn't have happened, that's what needs to change not the men who are a very important part of the sport.

        • sysya schaatsen
          sysya schaatsen  4 months back

          No, women can still abuse girls and this isn't a guy thing, it's a predator thing.