2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships - Senior Women Day 2 International Feed

  • Published: 13 August 2019
  • Available outside the U.S. only.

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Comments • 19

  • Deidre Cruickshank
    Deidre Cruickshank  3 weeks back

    What ridiculous coverage, more advertisement than anything else, 14.45 mins and only having seen 1 competitor! Bloody dreadful! Insulting to these amazing athletes!

    • Liza Theresia Beukes
      Liza Theresia Beukes  4 months back


      • Michelle
        Michelle  4 months back

        women's gymnastics should not include the fad of using gender neutral politics or language. It is sportswomen of the year, not sportsperson. Stop erasing girls and women for the benefit of males who want to colonize them. women are a sex, not a gender identity, and we have sports by sexes, not gender for a reason. the reason is biology.

        • Sariah Drysdale
          Sariah Drysdale  4 months back

          Simone Biles is my fav gymnast.She is just so amazing and as a gymnast myself, I really really really look up to her!!!🤸🔥🌟🇬🇧🇱🇷I am from England!!

          • sophie k2
            sophie k2  4 months back

            why didn’t simone perform the double double on beam?

            • Purpleunicorn 11
              Purpleunicorn 11  4 months back

              She wanted to avoid injury, because she did it on day 1 we all know she can do it

            • Frida Pizaña
              Frida Pizaña  4 months back

              s o p h i e I’m pretty sure it was because she successfully performed it in day 1.

          • Daryl Labrador
            Daryl Labrador  4 months back


            • Daryl Labrador
              Daryl Labrador  4 months back


              • jose
                jose  4 months back

                The comentator is dusgusting

                • Kiki Gym
                  Kiki Gym  4 months back

                  GO SIMON BILES !!!!!!!!

                  • Lupe Lup
                    Lupe Lup  4 months back

                    This message is dedicated to Simone Biles if you see her you give her this message: Simone Biles I am 11 years old I do artistic gymnastics like you and I am from Spain: You are a machine!

                    • Lupe Lup
                      Lupe Lup  4 months back

                      I like the video 😋😋😋

                      • Natalie Moger
                        Natalie Moger  4 months back

                        MyKala Skinner beam 12:21
                        Jade Carey vault 14:47
                        Simone Biles beam 16:40
                        Riley McKusker vault 20:36
                        Leanne Wong vault 23:45
                        Grace McCallum floor 27.30

                      • Rae Moriarty
                        Rae Moriarty  4 months back

                        Im so happy for Simone, she was excellent

                        • EdwinGotAss
                          EdwinGotAss  4 months back

                          WHERE is the NBC broadcast

                          • Babaang -gzzz
                            Babaang -gzzz  4 months back

                            Biles is the GOAT😍

                            • Diogo João
                              Diogo João  4 months back

                              This is name to music 0:16???